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Coming to you from the heart of the 330, we're your place in cyber space for the most unique blend of music, news and conversation on issues and events that impact our community.

Word on the Street

A collection of our favorite wordsmiths – from the ancient to the contemporary.  Intended to expand your mind and cause you to think beyond the shallows.

Your trusted source for news and information on politics, issues and events that are relevant to our community.

News and Conversation

What's Hot at the 10 Spot

Where funky jazz fusion meets hip-hop, classic and contemporary R&B and old school funk.  And we might talk a little politics and pop culture while DJTen counts down what's hot and poppin' on his play list every week.

Weekly Line-up

The Morning Mix

8am - Noon

Join us every weekday  for The Morning Mix.  An eclectic mix of funky jazz, R&B, hip-hop and spoken word.   Guaranteed to get your week day started

off right.

 The Thom Hartmann Show 

Noon - 3pm

News and information from the #1 progressive talk show host in the country.

It's a R&B Kinda Afternoon

3pm - 7pm

Nothing but the best in R&B and  old school funk .  Just in time for  the end of your

work day and that long drive home.

The Jazz Lounge

7pm - Midnight

Every Monday thru Thursday - the perfect end to a hectic work day.  Chill out  at the Jazz Lounge on the corner of 10th and J Street.  The very best in classic and contemporary jazz.

What's Hot at the Ten Spot

8pm - 10pm

Join  DJTen  every Friday and Saturday at the Ten Spot. Where funky jazz fusion meets, contemporary R&B, hip-hop and old school funk.  

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