How Can Anyone in Their Right Mind Repeal Health Care Reform?

By Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner / Co-founder and Executive Director of Moms Rising / 1/19/2011 

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Save lives, help small businesses, cut the deficit, and grow jobs.

How could anyone be against that?

Yet efforts are afoot in Congress to repeal the new health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, before it’s even fully implemented as is planned over the next several years. In fact, there’s a vote expected in the House to take up this matter.

Changing course now would harm our children, our businesses, our jobs, and our nation.

Approximately 129 million people could be denied care without the Affordable Care Act preexisting condition protections. The new benefits of health reform have already saved lives and freed millions of Americans from worrying that they’ll lose or be denied insurance due to preexisting conditions when the law is fully implemented in 2014. Additionally, health-care reform has already begun providing tax credits for small businesses to purchase coverage for their employees, growing jobs, cutting the deficit, as well as ensuring that our children are not dropped from coverage just when we need it most — and the sweeping benefits of health reform are not even fully implemented yet.

At, we’re hearing from parents across the nation that the Affordable Care Act is making a critical difference for their families and that they want it to keep moving forward.

• Emily, from New York writes:

My son has asthma, and throughout his life we have faced frightening struggles to maintain his health and occasionally his life itself. The guarantee that we can access insurance without denial based on this condition is absolutely critical to us and to our entire country. Without his medicines, my amazing, intelligent, beautiful 9-year-old boy could die. This is a life and death situation, and I write from my heart when I say how thankful I am that we can re-imagine and re-create space for his life and future, by allowing him access to the medicines and care he needs.

• Nan, from Illinois writes:

I am the co-owner of an independent record label in Chicago. My small business covers 100% of the health insurance costs for our staff of 7. With the new health care reform my business will see approximately $12,000 in tax credits. In this economy, that kind of tax credit will make a huge difference for our company and allow us to invest more in our business. We have had our premiums raised 67% in one year. We need health care reform now!

• Mari from Reno, Nevada writes:

After my daughter went into remission for cancer, her insurance company was trying to drop her. They said they would only continue coverage if she were in school fulltime. It was impossible for her to be in school fulltime when she was still suffering the effects of chemo. Now that the reform is in place, we no longer have to battle the insurance companies to keep her on the rolls. I, myself, have a pre-existing condition for which I could not be covered. Once the expanded Medi-caid goes into effect in 2014, I will have affordable coverage. It gives me piece of mind knowing I will not have to scramble to pay my costs forever. I just have to ride it out a little longer. I hope this isn’t taken away from me. It’s the 1st grain of hope I’ve had in awhile that I will not die an early death from lack of treatment.

• Dawn, from Florida writes:

Recently we got a new policy and I was expecting one of these exclusions on my son because he has had eye muscle surgery in the past year to correct a condition called strabismus. When we received word that we were approved with no exclusions, I actually questioned the agent to clarify. ‘Do you mean that if my son needs another surgery on his eye that it’s covered?’ I asked. “Yes,” the agent said. ‘We can’t exclude conditions any longer, so it will be covered.” How wonderful!!!!!

• Beth, from Virginia writes: “Thanks to the health care reform law, my 20 year-old daughter has health insurance. Without the reform, she would have no insurance right now!”

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