LeBron’s radically different vision for public education is what we need

The Trump administration is proposing to cut funding for programs that can provide all children, not just the rich and a lucky few, the education they deserve

By Nikhil Goyal | The Guardian | August 10, 2018


It’s become fashionable for celebrities and the ultra-rich to start charter schools or make philanthropic gifts with the aim of remaking our “failing” public schools.

Mark Zuckerberg, for example, gave away $100m to schools in Newark, New Jersey, which was largely squandered on consultants.

The rapper Pitbull founded a charter school in Miami. It is run by a for-profit charter management company which was under federal investigation in 2014.

The Gates Foundation invested hundreds of millions in revamping teacher evaluation systems, which failed to boost student achievement.

But this July, basketball player and philanthropist LeBron James broke with this tradition and brought nationwide attention to community schooling in Ohio. The purpose of community schools is to turn the school into the anchor of the community and educate the whole child: children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. The evidence-based approach has recently been under ass