Obama’s Birth Control Policy Has Support From Catholic Hospitals, Colleges, And Charities, But

Following the announcement by President Obama that his administration will ensure that women have access to insurance coverage for birth control while accommodating employers who object to providing birth control, Catholic hospitals and other institutions have said that they support the policy. But Fox News refuses to tell its viewers that the policy has widespread support, instead pretending that Catholic hospitals and other employers are being victimized.

Fox Suggests Contraception Compromise Is Unacceptable To Catholic Hospitals, Colleges, And Charities

Fox News’ Doocy & Johnson Suggested That Catholic “Social Service Agencies, Hospitals, [And] Colleges” Are Opposed To Obama’s Policy On Coverage For Contraception. From the February 13 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

STEVE DOOCY (co-host): Despite opposition from Catholic bishops, the White House is standing by its “compromise” over the birth control mandate. But are they just passing the buck? Let’s talk to Fox News legal analyst, Peter Johnson, Jr., who has been examining this. Peter. PETER JOHNSON, JR. (Fox News legal analyst): Good morning. Yeah we have been looking at this for about six weeks before anyone else was. It’s — in my view it’s a bait and switch at this point. Not much has changed at all. And what the federal government is saying: “Listen, we’re going to decide who is Catholic enough. Some of your institutions are really Catholic, you nuns and priests, OK you’re Catholic, and so nuns you’re probably not going to be wanting these abortion drugs, so you’re exempt. But your other Catholic organizations they’re not so exempt, so we’ll make it easy — DOOCY: Like colleges and hospitals. JOHNSON: Yeah. “We’ll make it easier for you — social service agencies, hospitals, colleges, we’ll make it easy for you. We’re still going to hand out the abortion-producing drugs and sterilizations, and they’re going to be free.” Which is a wonderful feature of this administration, more free stuff. “So, but you don’t have to be part of that. So just close your eyes over here priests and nuns and bishops and cardinals and your flock, and — but we’re going to hand this stuff out anyway so you don’t have to have it on your conscience.” There’s something called being a conscientious objector — DOOCY: Sure JOHNSON: — that we understand with regard to war. Priests and nuns and bishops and a lot of Catholics in this country say “we are conscientious objectors in the war on babies.” — DOOCY: Sure. JOHNSON: — “on the war on the unborn.” And say “don’t make us violate our religion.” And say “you can announce an accommodation, a compromise, call it what you want, it’s a violation of the Constitution that not only hurts Catholics, but people of all faith.” DOOCY: Sure, and so, you know, if you work for a Catholic hospital or a college, you know, they buy you, the Catholic Church, buys you insurance. And so with a wink and a nod, OK, the church is not going to pay for it, but your insurance company is going to pay for it. Nonetheless, really, the church is providing the coverage for contraception and sterilization. JOHNSON: Yeah, you’re absolutely — and the law is clear, internal church governance is exempt from the law, is exempt from government intrusion. DOOCY: Not here. JOHNSON: And so the Catholics are saying “this is a matter of our internal church governance, don’t make this part of some petty, partisan, political giveaway in an election year that harkens back to Tammany Hall in the political machine era in America where they gave away free turkeys and food baskets that say ‘remember us on election day.’ ” Is the call this year “remember us on election year, we eliminated your co-pay for abortion producing drugs and contraception to the derogation of the Constitution”? That’s not a call to arms that a lot of people are interested in. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 2/13/12]

Fox News Graphic: “Catholic Organizations Renew Concerns” About Contraception Compromise. During the February 13 edition of Fox & Friends, a caption stated: “Coming To A Compromise? Catholic Organizations Renew Concerns”:

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