Politicians Honor MLK Day While Working Against The Rights He Fought For

If your policies lead to voter suppression, you’re not actually fighting for justice.

Alana Horowitz Satlin Assignment Editor, The Huffington Post


Politicians across the U.S. marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year by sharing photos of the civil rights hero and remembering his fight for equality. Some of the people paying tribute did so despite having actively fought against the causes that Dr. King championed.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), for one, has been a staunch advocate for voter ID laws. Such laws tend to disenfranchise people of color and low-income Americans, who are less likely to carry the right kind of identification.

Proponents of such measures say that they help combat voter fraud, a problem that is both rare and largely not possible to prevent with voter ID laws. Critics of voter ID laws, including former Attorney General Eric Holder, compare them to poll taxes, which Dr. King