Score Obama’s Proxy War a Clear Win


Ward Carroll, Editor – posted 10/20/11

Put another check in the win column… but do it quietly. After all, the Great Libyan War of 2011 was fought (and won) without really asking anybody if it was a good idea. No briefs to the UN. No requests to Congress. No petitions to the American people. No Code Pink protests (curious, but whatever).

The NATO No-fly Zone over Libya has in no small part assisted rebels as they fought to overthrow the government of Muammar Gaddafi, and as the news of the long-time dictator’s death at the hands of the opposition trickled out today it appeared as if Odyssey Dawn (the military label for the operation) had met its mission objectives.

As impressive as obtaining the definitive outcome of Gaddafi’s demise is the deft way that Obama orchestrated it. First, in the face of two existing wars that have all but lost whatever public support they once had he started a third war. And knowing that the American pub