This Is What It’s Like To Work Full Time And Still Be Poor

The Huffington Post  |  By Alexandra Schuster Posted: 12/25/2013 1:25 pm EST  |  Updated: 12/25/2013 1:26 pm EST


When working hard simply is not enough. When you are told time and time again that you do not have the right qualifications for a job. When you are living with a child on food stamps and the majority of your government subsidized income is devoted to baby formula. These are the stories of Americans who cannot make ends meet even while working at jobs that pay the minimum hourly wage.

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“You plan on sending your kids to college. It’s now out of the question.”


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“It’s dirty work and often demeaning work, but at least it’s work.”

vanella powell

“I’m always filling out applications, but I don’t ever get called back.”