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New Hall of Fame Village plans show more details

Developers of Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village have committed to plans that — from now on — will be subject to city approval.

By Alison Matas  / staff writer / February 14, 2017


CANTON Developers of Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village have committed to plans that — from now on — will be subject to city approval.

General development documents, filed with the city and obtained by The Canton Repository through a public records request, show McKinley High School will remain within the boundaries of the Village along with the nine major components planned for the project. The paperwork indicates most of the estimated $600 million, 107-acre Village is scheduled for a 2019 opening.

Scroll to the bottom of this story to see the plan in detail.

The plan must receive approval from two city boards before new construction can start. Any major future changes to the development, such as expanded boundaries or the addition of a new element that would increase traffic, will be required to have a public hearing first.

Here’s what master developer Industrial Realty Group — in partnership with the Pro Football Hall of Fame — has shared with the city:

Structures to be included

The map shows:

• Don Scott National Youth Sports Complex with eight fields

• McKinley High School

• Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

• Center for Performance with indoor and outdoor fields

• Center for Excellence

• Pro Football Hall of Fame

• Hall of Fame Hotel

• Mixed-use area

• Hall of Fame Experience

• Care and wellness center

Many of these structures contain multiple elements, which are detailed in the project timeline.

Project timeline

• Existing: Pro Football Hall of Fame museum McKinley High School area (includes the natatorium, concert hall and arena)

• Completed or partially completed: Two fields and Don Scott Field at the youth sports complex North stands of Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

• 2017 completion: Five athletic fields at the youth sports complex and parking Second phase of the stadium (12,091 seats)

• 2018 completion: Third phase of the stadium (1,930 seats)

• 2019 completion: NFL hotel (up to 250 rooms, up to 946 parking spaces) Meeting and convention space that could include a ballroom and theater (up to 20,000 square feet) Hotel restaurant and retail (up to 65,000 square feet) Street restaurant and retail (up to 65,000 square feet) Residential condominiums (up to 60 units) Senior/assisted living (up to 100 units, up to 105 parking spaces) Center for Excellence (up to 134,000 square feet, up to 338 parking spaces) Arena for indoor and outdoor sports (up to 5,500 seats)

• 2020 completion: Medical office (up to 60,000 square feet, up to 200 parking spaces) Family hotel (up to 140 rooms, up to 600 parking spaces) Entertainment venue (up to 120,000 square feet, up to 500 parking spaces) Indoor theme park (water park and recreation, up to 116,000 square feet)

Development boundaries and size

The Village is bordered by Harrison Avenue NW and Interstate 77 to the east, Helen Place NW to the south, Clarendon, Clearview and Blake avenues NW to the west — the boundary isn’t a straight line there — and Fulton Road NW to the north.

The planned development is 106.6 acres in total: 19.1 acres of roadway and pedestrian plaza 2.8 acres for the Pro Football Hall of Fame area 30.4 acres of athletic fields area 11 acres for the McKinley High School area 8.1 acres for Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium 15.6 acres for an arena and sports research area 9.2 acres for a hotel and residential area 10.4 acres for a hotel and entertainment area

Other details

The special, flexible zoning for Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village requires the developer to submit a development plan for approval. It also says that “material changes” to the plan will require a public hearing first. Those changes would include expanding the boundaries and significantly changing the amount of space a building occupies on the land where it’s being built.

Other information included in the planning documents:

• Barr Avenue NW will cease to have a connection to Fulton Road NW, and roundabouts will be constructed within the Village on Blake and Clearview avenues NW.

• The developer will be responsible for all development of open space and infrastructure within the Village.

• Pedestrian traffic will be encouraged, and there will be walking connections from the Village to Stadium Park and the high school.

• The full build-out of the project could take 15 years.

What next?

The Canton City Planning Commission is scheduled to discuss the plan at its meeting Tuesday and possibly vote on whether to approve it. City staff have recommended approval.

Canton City Council also will have to approve the general development plan.

Then, the developers will have to go through the processes of rezoning, platting, getting site plan approval for individual facilities and securing building permits.



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