The “Tea Party” Is Not Revolting

Robert J. Elisberg: Political writer and screenwriter – Posted: February 3, 2011 01:22 PM


Just in case anyone from the “Tea Party” is watching the news from Egypt, this is what an actual revolution looks like.

A quarter-million people randomly taking to the streets.

No one dressed up in funny costumes and hats. No tea bags worn.

Visceral, guttural, raw human outrage against one man’s 29-year dictatorship while living under “emergency law” for 43 years.

No voters upset that they lost an election two years earlier.

Nobody angry that the government is trying to force national health care on them.

Not one poster of Adolf Hitler.

No professional lobbying organization putting together Official Protest Parties. BYOB.

No national TV network rallying its viewers with directions on where to meet and directions on how to get there.

Students and young people converging totally of their own accord, even as Internet accounts are turned off, even as phone service is turned off.

Middle-class, middle-aged people eventually joining in. Ultimately making it a national cause.