Warriors’ Steve Kerr cites father’s terror death to denounce Trump travel ban

Golden State coach’s father was killed in Beirut by gunmen – Ronda Rousey and Gregg Popovich also attack president’s policy

The Guardian / Monday, January 30, 2017


Steve Kerr has joined the chorus of voices in the NBA that have attacked Donald Trump’s ban on travellers and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries.

On Sunday, the Golden State Warriors coach said the president’s executive order had personal resonance. “I would just say that as someone whose family member was a victim of terrorism, having lost my father, if we’re trying to combat terrorism by banishing people from coming to this country, by really going against the principles of what our country is about and creating fear, it’s the wrong way of going about it,” said Kerr whose father, Malcolm, was killed by two gunmen in 1984 while he was president of the American University of Beirut. Islamic Jihad, a precursor of Hezbollah, later claimed responsibility for the murder. “If anything, we could be breeding anger and terror. So I’m completely against what’s happening.”

Trump’s policy has led to stories of families being separated, while critics of the ban – including Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham – say it could play into the hands of groups such as Isis.