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A Song For My Son

If you listen you will hear

the voices of your soul

speaking softly in your ear

of inner wealth untold.

If you seek so shall you find

that the thing you most desire,

that precious gift called “peace of mind”

and all that it inspires.

I’m telling you these things, my son

so someday you’ll understand,

how when everything is said and done

to still remain a man.

Be master of your temper

and never let it master you.

And always, son, remember

“to thine ownself be true”

And when peole talk about you

and your so-called friends foresake you,

when your loved ones even doubt you,

and your darkest fears overtake you;

endure what life may bring you,

though painful it may seem,

and when there’s no one left to cling to,

cling tightly to your dream.

And never let your teardrops fall

when others cause you hurt,

learn to walk both proud and tall

though some may think you less than dirt.

Remember all these things, my son,

and someday you’ll understand

that the greatest thing a man can be,

is to truly be a MAN.

by Stanley Germain, Jr.

Los Angeles CA

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