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A Women Who Loves

A women who loves

impossible men

sits a long time indoors

watching windows

she has no brother

who understands

where she is going

her sisters offer their

own breast up, full and

creamy vessels but she

cannot drink because

she loves impossible men.

A woman who loves

impossible men

listens to music

she cannot sing

she drinks good sherry

swallowing around the notes

rusted in her throat

but she does not fill

she is already full

of love for impossible men.

A women who loves

impossible men

promises each morning

that she will take this day in her hands

disrobe it, lie with it, learn to love it

but she doesn’t

she walks by strangers

walks by kin

forgets their birthmarks

their birthdays

remembering only the names

the stains

of impossible men.



Lucille Clifton

Love wisely, live life to the fullest, make the impossible possible

but most importantly be true to yourself in the process.



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