Across Generations, the Jobs Numbers Show We’re All in This Together

Richard (RJ) Eskow – Writer;Senior Fellow,  Campaign for America’s Future Posted: 09/10/2013 1:40 am

We’re in the midst of the worst employment crisis in modern memory. Lackluster jobs reports like last week’s should remind us that the crisis will last a long, long time, unless we act. It would be tragic if superficial “improvements” created by discouraged workers dropping out of the labor force become an excuse for continued inaction – or worse.

But buried in the discouraging data are figures that could become the seeds of a new intergenerational alliance.

Generation Gap

Some of those numbers can be found in this chart, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:


It shows that the financial crisis of 2008 has had a devastating impact on employment for adult Americans under 65, a time of life once described as “working age.” The crisis has been most sever