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African Dream

In black core of night, it explodes Silver thunder, rolling back my brain, Bursting copper screens, memory worlds Deep in star-fed beds of time, Seducing my soul to diamond fires of night. Faint outline, a ship – momentary fright Lifted on waves of color, Sunk in pits of light, Drummed back through time, Hummed back through mind, Drumming, cracking the night. Strange forest songs, skin sounds Crashing through  – no longer strange. Incestuous yellow flowers tearing Magic from the earth. Moon-dipped rituals, led By a scarlet god. Caressed by ebony maidens With daylight eyes, Purple garments, Noses that twitch, Singing young girl songs Of an ancient love In dark places Where memories are sealed, Burned in eyes of tigers. Suddenly wise, I fight the dream: Green screams enfold my night.


Bob Kaufman

Suddenly wise, I fight  the dream, But the dream is my reality, My sanctuary, my fortress  of solitude, In a time and place Where sanity is at a premium and Humanity passe’ Suddenly wise, I fight the dream, In dark places Where memories are sealed, Yet hope beams triumphant.

What’s up family – forgive my ramblings.  Hope all is well. Peace, Tenthltr2u

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