Birthers: Leonard Pitts Doesn’t Mince Words

Dorian de Wind: Ret. U.S. Air Force Major


Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts at the Miami Herald tells it like it is. In a recent column about “birthers,” Pitts calls them “morons,” ”jackasses,” “imbeciles,” “idiots,” “doofuses” and “pinheads.”

After admitting that name calling “lowers the level of discourse… forestalls thoughtful response and…does not suggest an excess of class,” Pitts says:

Where the birthers are concerned, however, the level of discourse is already lower than Neptune’s basement, a thoughtful response is about as likely as Miami snow on the Fourth of July, and I will just have to chance the loss of class.

Later on, Pitts calls the birther nonsense “not just claptrap, but profoundly racist claptrap.” While I agree with Pitts on the claptrap, I would not call the birthers morons, imbeciles, idiots, etc. I believe that these people, especially the founders and leaders of this “movement,” are extremely intelligent, capable and resourceful.

How else would a movement that started in mid-2008, following Obama’s win in the Democratic primaries be able to convince, a mere two years later, 20 percent of all Americans and 30 percent of Tea Partiers into believing that the president was not born in the United States?

How else would people such as Andy Martin (known as “King of the Birthers”), Jerome Corsi (of John Kerry swift-boating fame), Alan Keyes, Orly Taitz, etc., be able to convince a majority (51 percent) of likely Republican presidential primary voters that the president was born in another country? (2011 survey from Public Policy Polling)

According to the same poll, “Another 21 percent say they are ‘not sure’ if the president was born in the United States.” This means that “72 percent of the people who will be choosing the next Republican presidential nominee are either birthers or birther-curious.”

How else could this movement attract reputable and intelligent Republican Party leaders, notables and pundits such as Senator Richard Shelby, Tracey Mann, Liz Che