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Creation Hymn


From – The Rig Veda (c. 1500 – 1200 B. C.)

No thing existed, nor did nothing exist:

there was no air-filled space, no sky beyond.

What held it all? And where? And who secured it?

Was water all there was, deep beyond measure?

There was no death, nor anything immortal –

no sign by which to mark of the night and day.

Self-moved where no wind blew, one Being breathed:

other than it no thing had being then.

All was obscure at first, darkness in darkness,

an endless ocean – featureless, unlite:

there, at the heart of nothingness, the One

took on its being, born of an austere heat.

Desire came over it in the beginning –

first seed of all, engendered by the mind.

Wise thinkers, who had searched within theirs hearts

found where what is is bound to what is not,

and stretched their measuring-cord across the void.

Did a “below” exist then, did an “above”?

There were seed-casters there, there were primal forces –

power below, strong urgency above.

But who can know for certain, who proclaimed it?

Who can explain the birth of this various world?

The gods themselves came into existence later –

who knows the source of this great tangled world?

How it all came about, or was it created –

whether or not he fashioned it himself –

he who surveys it from the highest heaven,

he of all beings knows –

or perhaps not.

Fredrick Morgan

Perhaps, perhaps not. 



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