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Freely In Hidden Fire

Freely in hidden fire my heart burned. Eloquent with silent flames my heart burned.In my heart no desire for her no memory of her – Fire gutted the house, whatever was in it burned.

Now I’ve gone beyond even Nonbeing: I sighed – a rush of fire – the wings of the imagined bird burned.

One white-hot slash of the mind how to convey its power? One passing thought of madness and a desert burned.

I have no heart, or I’d show you a carnival of scars Too bad, such brilliant fireworks but the operator burned.

Ghalib I am and my longing is cold ash sadness. My heart saw the “warmth” of the worldly and burned.

Hope all is well family and may your heart see the warmth of the worldly but yet not get burned.

Peace. Tenthltr2u

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