Madam and the Charity Child

Once I adopted

A little girl child,

She grew up and got ruint,

Nearly drove me wild.

Then I adopted

A little boy.

He used a switch-blade

for a toy.

What makes these charity

Children so bad?

Ain’t had no luck

With none I had.

Poor little things,

Born behind the 8-rock,

With parents that don’t even

Stop to take stock.

The county won’t pay me

But a few bucks a week.

Can’t raise no child on that,

So to speak.

And the lady from the

Juvenile Court

Always coming around

Wanting a report.

Last time I told her,


Things is bad –

You figure out why!

Langston Hughes

What’s up all you charity chillun’ ?

When the lady

from the Juvenile Court

Comes round asking for a report.

Tell her times are hard, things is bad!

Got miseries like I never had,

But I sure if I just hold on tight

Things are gonna work out just right!

Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day!



#LangstonHughes #Poetry

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