Madam and the Number Writer

Number runner

Come to my door.

I had swore

I wouldn’t play no more.

He said, Madam,


Looks like a likely

Hit for you.

I said, Last night,

I dreamed 7-0-3.

He said, That might

Be a hit for me.

He played a dime,

I played, too,

Then we boxed’ em.

Wouldn’t you?

But the number that day

Was 3-2-6

And we both was in

That same old fix.

I said, I swear I

Ain’t gonna play no more

Till I get over

To the other shore –

Then I can play

On them golden streets

Where the number not only

Comes out – but repeats!

The runner said, Madam

That’s all very well –

But suppose

You goes to hell?

Langston Hughes

What’s up family? –  Hope you and yours had a safe and pleasant holiday,

But now that I’m back in the real world, I think I’m gonna play all three of them

numbers – box em’ too.  How about you?

But then again….. what if?



#LangstonHughes #Poetry

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