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On a Pallet of Straw

They did not travel in an airplane. They did not travel by car. They did not travel on a streamline train. They traveled on foot from afar.

They traveled on foot from afar.

They did not seek a hotel, They did not seek an inn, They did not seek a bright motel, They sought a cattle bin.

They sought a cattle bin.

Who were these travelers on the road? And where were they going? And Why? They were Three Wise Men who came from the East, And they followed a star in the sky.

A star in the sky.

What did they find when they got to the barn? What did they find near the stall? What did they find on a pallet of straw? They found there the Lord of all!

They found the Lord of all!

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes

They sought not gifts nor commercial celebration, but only sought  truth and a spiritual awakening. What’s up family?  I’m not much on organized religion, but as we gear up for the hectic pace of the holidays, let’s not forget the reason for the season.




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