The Republicans are now the party of identity politics

Donald Trump’s presidency has been dominated by a huge effort to protect the narrow interests of one particular demographic group: wealthy white men

By Lucia Graves | The Guardian | January 6, 2018


Identity politics used to be for Democrats – now it’s for Republicans and they’re using it perniciously.

Identity politics have long been central to the message of the Democratic party, viewed as a constituency of African American people, Hispanic people, educated white progressives, LGBTQ people, single women and more.

Conservatives, meanwhile, had previously defined themselves ideologically.

Ronald Reagan’s so-called “three-legged stool” united a coalition of ideologically distinct groups – national security conservatives, social conservatives and fiscal conservatives – to pursue a single set of policies.

But from protests around the removal of Confederate statues to the backlash over NFL players kneeling in protest at police brutality, Donald Trump’s first year in the White House has shown Republicans to be the real drivers of identity politics. It’s just one development that typically goes unremarked upon.

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