The Toughest Route of Anthony Gonzalez’s Life

The former Ohio State Buckeye and Indianapolis Colt is today a Republican legislator from Ohio who acknowledges the gravity of the January 6 insurrection and voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Now he’s in the former president's crosshairs.

By Stanley Kay | Sports Illustrated | Originally Posted July 8, 2021

It takes guts to be a good receiver. Sure, it takes other stuff, too: agility, speed, supernatural hand-eye coordination, the ability to leap over a small skyscraper. Uncommon strength is helpful, as is the surname Moss. But to come across the middle at full speed, look back at the quarterback and extend your arms to catch a pass, knowing full well that what awaits is a devastating blow from a linebacker or safety, whose sole purpose in that moment is to make you think twice about catching that ball and possibly even your decision to step on the field that day (or your decision to play football in the first place) with a hit so hard that you drop to the ground like roadkill—well, that takes guts.

Anthony Gonzalez has guts. Even people who do not like Anthony Gonzalez—and nowadays, there are many people who do not like Anthony Gonzalez—would have a hard time disagreeing with that. He was, after all, a receiver, and a very good one: Ohio State standout, first-round draft pick, five-year NFL veteran. He played in an era before targeting rules,