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The World’s First Face

In the pale moonlight

He carries his bride

Up the hill,

Both of them naked,

Bringing nothing but themselves.

So in all beginnings

The world is bare,

Empty, free of lies,

Dark with silence –

A silence that sinks

Into the depths of time.

Then comes the light,


Man and animals.

So in all beginnings

Everything is bare,

Empty, open.

They’re both young.

Both have come a long way.

Passing through dawns bright with illusion,

Skies filled with hope,

Rivers lined with comfort,

They have come to the afternoon’s warmth,

Both of them dripping with sweat –

And standing on a barren coral reef.

So evening comes,

Bringing dreams

And a bed

Lined with gleaming coral necklaces.

They raise their heads:

Millions of stars in the sky,

This is their inheritance,

Stars and more stars,

More than could ever blink and go out.

In the pale moonlight

He carries his bride

Up that hill

Both of them naked:

The world’s first face.

Burton Raffel



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