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Whispers in a Country Church

Who’s that dark woman Sittin’ next to the preacher Eyeing his feet? Lord, look at her. Red hat. Flowers. Perfume you can smell From here. Look, Making a move. Asking for water. Clumsy thing – All over his Brand new shoes. Just what she wanted. Bending down that way. Wonder that dress don’t split. Pretty hair though. Got to give her that.

Alvin Aubert Who’s that dark woman Sittin’ there next to the preacher? Who’s that dark woman Tryin’ so hard To catch his eye? Who’s that dark woman Sho’ nuff flaunting her Big breasted self For all to see? Damn that’s The widow Smith! Well, from the look On Brotha’  Morgan’s face She won’t be Widowed long.

What’s up Family?   Hope all is well. Peace, Tenthltr2u

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