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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Won’t read about it in no AMA Journal. No cure on WEBMd. Symptoms have you feeling a bit light headed, short of breath toward the end of the month.

Feeling so low you’d have to reach up to tie your shoes. So small you could sit on a dime and swing yours legs. Feeling dizzy trying to keep pace with the Jones’. And the Jones’ are on life support trying to keep ahead a you.

New ride in the driveway when you know you should be taking the bus. Trying hard to keep your head above water. Can’t afford a life jacket much less a canoe.

President says he’s got a new economic stimulus package You just hope you can pay off one of them bills that’s due. Got that sickness for which they’ve found no vaccine. Nothing to cure what’s ailing you.

Got that new strain of virus called affluenza. Lord don’t know what you gonna do.


Good Monday Morning Family, Hope all is well and that the fever ain’t got you too down. Tenthltr2u

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