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When Last We…..

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

When last we were together….

I should have held you closer Kissed away your tears Quieted your fears and assured you That everything would be alright.

When last we made love,

I should have been

More sensitive to your desires

Matched your passion with more passion,

And shared ever so deeply

The love that was so obviously you.

Too afraid to care, to love,

I did none of these things.

Instead I ran away,

Guarded my feelings,

Put another brick in the wall

And locked my heart away.

Thinking I would be safe.

But there is no solace here,

No safe haven, no place to hide.

Only memories of near misses

And things I should have done better.

When last we were together,I

should have held you closer,

Kissed away your tears,

Quieted your fearsAnd assured you

That everything Would be alright.

Tenthltr2u © 2010

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