ALEC’s Economic Policies Do More Harm Than Good, New Report Shows

by Rebekah Wilce – November 28, 2012 – 7:51am, Topics: Economy, Politics Projects: ALEC Exposed


Corporate lobbyists and right-wing legislators of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will be gathering in Washington, DC today for ALEC’s annual States and Nation Policy Summit. Today also marks the release of an in-depth report on the failure of ALEC’s economic recommendations for the states. The report claims that “states that were rated higher on ALEC’s Economic Outlook Ranking in 2007,” the first year the ranking was published, “have actually been doing worse economically in the years since, while the less a state conformed with ALEC policies the better off it was.”

The critical report, Selling Snake Oil to the States: The American Legislative Exchange Council’s Flawed Prescriptions for Prosperity, was published today by the non-partisan non-profit organizations Good Jobs First (GJF) and the Iowa Policy Project (IPP), both of which promote public policy fostering economic opportunity and smart growth for states.

ALEC’s economic policies are largely the brainchild of the “father of supply-side economics,”