Justice For Bobby Yates

In the County of Lamar – Paris, Texas, The case of Bobby Yates and at least twenty others handled by Lamar County Attorney Gary Young, are in need of in depth investigations by the United States Department of Justice. Lamar County Attorney Gary Young’s thirst for convictions by any means necessary, results in wrongful convictions, excessive sentences, and alarming rates of juveniles tried as adults. In the case of disabled, Bobby Yates (currently age 51), an indictment was secured for Sexual Assault of A Child.

A hunting accident which occurred twenty (20) years ago, resulted in Mr.Yates’ lower body being amputated, he also underwent a penectomy (removal of the penis). Penectomy’s result in NO sexual desires. On September 22, 2008, Yates was arrested and charged with Sexual Assault of a Child by using his fingers. Bobby Yates is Innocent!

Even though Bobby Yates called 911 for help, the police reports state that the the 16 year old white female called 911. The 911 tapes tell the true story. The tape however does mention that the female was so high on drugs that her speech was slurred. To secure an indictment, a photo of Bobby Yates was taken to make it appear as though he was not handicapped. Yates is confined to a wheelchair with a lower body amputation. His height was omitted and there was no explanation of not having lower limbs. This is yet an additional attempt of Lamar County Attorney to secure a conviction by any means necessary.