Nonprofits Are Rejecting Federal Money Because of Trump’s Refugee Ban

The Associated Press / 9:50 AM Eastern


Nonprofit groups are rejecting federal grant money to combat violent extremism because of what they described as President Donald Trump’s actions against the Muslim and Arab community.

The Obama administration in its final days awarded 31 grants through the Homeland Security Department worth a total of about $10 million. Those agreements haven’t been signed, and no money has been disbursed.

Now, two groups are rejecting the money they already had been offered, while others have objected to Trump’s plans.

Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities in Dearborn, Michigan, said it was turning down $500,000 for youth development and public health programs because of the “current political climate.”

Ka Joog, a leading Somali nonprofit in Minneapolis, rejected nearly $500,000 for its youth programs. “Our nation’s new administration and their policies which promote hate, fear, uncertainty and even worse; an unofficial war on Muslim-Americans and immigrants,” the group said in a statement.

Watch the Homeland Security Secretary Speak About the Immigration Ban

John Kelly gave a press conference on Tuesday.

The Homeland Security Department did not immediately respond to email and phone requests for comment from The Associated Press.

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