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Quandary, of Sorts

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Do we act on change for the sake of it? Or, do we stay with the tried and true, cause it’s the thing to do?

Do we continue to conserve and preserve bankrupt polices and outdated ideas while thousands die in foreign lands and here hundreds of thousands more rush head long into poverty, homelessness and despair?

Or, do we care?

Are we swayed by words the likes of which we haven’t  heard since the days of Kennedy and King?

My country tis’ of thee land of the brave and free is this the future of which we sing?

Do we have the audacity to hope that someone like me can ascend to the office of presidency? Or that my little girl could one day be the leader of the free world?

Can we hope for a better tomorrow? Will the the skies open and manna from heaven pour down to ease all our pain and sorrow?

Or, after the people have spoken will we get hip to the notion – that no matter who runs the plantation it’s the plantation system that is broken.

Tenthltr2u (c) 2008

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