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Rep. Steve King is right. ‘America has been divided,’ and he helped divide it.

On a day that cried out for calls for unity —  leave it to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to emerge from his palatial glass house to yell at the neighbors.

By Jonathan Capehart  | The Washington Post | June 15 at 1:29 PM


On a day that cried out for calls for unity — and got them from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and even President Trump — leave it to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to emerge from his palatial glass house to yell at the neighbors.

“America has been divided,” King said Wednesday from the scene of the horror on a local baseball field in Alexandria, where Republican members of Congress and staff were practicing for a charity game against Democrats on Thursday. “And the center of America is disappearing, and the violence is appearing in the streets, and it’s coming from the left.”

As if that weren’t enough, King took to Twitter to repeat himself.

The center of America is disappearing, and the violence is incited by the leading cultural voices of the Left.

Yes, the center of America is disappearing. There are many causes of it, including hateful rhetoric that drives wedges rather than builds bridges. And a leading expert in the former is King.

Nearly a year ago, at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, King stunned the nation with a bit of racial chauvinism. He was reacting to writer Charles Pierce contending that the gathering might be the last time old white people command the attention of the GOP.

King: This whole white people business, though, does get a little tired, Charlie. I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you are talking about. Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization? MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes: Than white people? King: Than Western civilization itself that’s rooted in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the United States of America and everyplace where the footprint of Christianity settled the world.

This is the same guy who derided “dreamers” during an interview four years ago with Newsmax, a far-right website that purports to report news.

There are kids that were brought into this country by their parents unknowing they were breaking the law. And they will say to me and others who defend the rule of law, ‘We have to do something about the 11 million. Some of them are valedictorians.’ Well, my answer to that is…it’s true in some cases, but they aren’t all valedictorians. They weren’t all brought in by their parents. For every one who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. Those people would be legalized with the same act.

The bold in the quote above is mine for emphasis and to highlight the imagery of human beings as nothing more than mindless pack mules. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise from King. Remember his comparison of immigrants to dogs in 2012?

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has come under fire for saying that “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” but it’s far from his first time provoking controversy. (Video: Jenny Starrs/Photo: Charlie Neibergall/The Washington Post)

And you put out a beacon like the Statue of Liberty and who comes here? The most vigorous from every country that has donated legal immigrants to the United States of America. The cream of the crop. We’ve always had bird dogs around our place. And, right now, in our family there’s a black lab and white lab a yellow lab, and my brother has a chocolate lab. And, you go in and you look at a litter of pups, and you watch them. You watch how they play — they run around a little bit — and what do you want? You want a good bird dog, and you want one that’s gonna be aggressive? Pick the one that’s the friskiest, the one that’s in games the most and not the one that’s over there sleeping in the corner. If you want a pet to sit on the couch, pick the one that’s sleeping in the corner. That’s — so, you get the pick of the litter and you got yourself a pretty good bird dog. We got the pick of every donor civilization on the planet because it’s hard to get here, you had to be inspired to come. We got the vigor from the planet to come to America. Whichever generation it was, and then we taught our children that same thing.

King is all about purity, as this tweet from March attests.

Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies. …

 And if you had any doubt about what King was driving at, it was dispelled by none other than David Duke, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

And this one. Notice the hashtag.

Looking through Duke’s racist Twitter feed is akin to walking barefoot through a full dumpster in the dark. This post from June 12 is one of many examples.

Don’t like? Don’t look.#EqualityMarch

So, before King starts laying blame at the feet of “the left” for the nation’s very real cultural and racial divides, perhaps he should put down the rocks and reflect on his role in the toxic environment to which he contributes liberally.

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