The New GOP: Anti-Kids, Anti-Jobs, Anti-Business… And Anti-Republican

Richard (RJ) Eskow – Consultant, Writer,  Senior Fellow with The Campaign for America’s Future – Posted: 9/9/11 03:21 PM ET

This is not your father’s (or mother’s) GOP. During a time of national crisis, the president has submitted an urgently-needed jobs bill that is well within the mainstream for Republicans as well as Democrats. But today’s Republicans are a new breed, dedicated not to their country or even an ideology.

Who could best express the absurd lengths these politicians will go to destroy anything that’s stands in their way? Nobody I can think of — except Groucho Marx. But before Groucho has his say, let’s have ours.

Their refusal to pass the strongest provisions in this reasonable bill, if that’s what they choose to do, will be conclusive proof that their only allegiances are to their own re-elections and the massive corporations that they serve. This bill is far from perfect, but it’s a start.

Rejecting this bill wouldn’t just be a vote against jobs, although it would certainly be that. It wouldn’t just be a vote against children, although it would condemn them to oversized classrooms in crumbling buildings. It wouldn’t just be a vote against bridges and highways and a safer, more prosperous country.

It would also be a vote against business. It would be a vote against the real “wealth creators” and “job creators” in this country. Strangest of all, it would be a vote against the Republican Party and what it has historically stood for: pro-business policies, but commonsense policies that actually made those businesses more prosperous.

What would it be a vote for? It would be a vote for cynicism and self-interest. It would be a vote for the wealthiest among us who aren’t paying their fair share. And it would be a vote for the fattest, laziest, richest, and least productive Wall Street businesses who profit most when American crumbles and its middle class withers.

America, meet your new Republican Party.