The Trump-Russia Dossier Is Right. Trump DID Broker A MASSIVE Oil Deal

Trump Russia Dossier, compiled by former British spy, describes massive privatization deal to deliver a chunk of Russian state-owned oil company to Qatar and secret buyer in Cayman Islands

By Grant Stern / Occupy Democrats / March 27, 2017


Circumstantial evidence strongly indicates that President Donald J. Trump and his campaign associates brokered a massive oil privatization deal in which Trump Organization facilitated a global financial transaction to sell Russian Oil stock to its Russia’s Syrian War adversary, the Emirate of Qatar.

The Trump Russia Dossier, compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, describes a massive privatization deal to deliver a chunk of the Russian state-owned Rosneft Oil company to Qatar and a secret buyer in the Cayman Islands.

This is the transaction that Ranking House Intel Committee Member Adam Schiff (D-CA) described when he kicked off Congress’ Russia hearings, when he discussed Rosneft’s privatization deal and the many contacts between the Trump campaign and Putin’s allies.

Donald Trump and Russia conducted the transaction in three phases: Phase 1 began in early 2016 with a meeting of the minds at The Mayflower Hotel to start the deal and its due diligence period. Phase 2 began just before the Republican National Convention and continued through Election Day. Phase 3 happened after Trump’s shocking win and concluded just days before Buzzfeed published the bombshell dossier describing the deal.

We have broken down the entire Rosneft privatization transaction and how it fits with the US election, using open source media stories to create a comprehensive timeline of events over three phases in a single graphic (see below).

The most deal significant milestone was the “meeting of the minds” which occurred last April 27th at the Center for National Interest gathering in Washington, D.C.

Four Ambassadors convened at The Mayflower Hotel, representing the three countries definitely involved in the Rosneft privatization deal: Italy, Russia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

They all attended Donald Trump’s foreign policy campaign speech.

Key players from every country involved were in that one room, for one night, one time only, and it’s now been revealed that even Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions was there.

The former Alabama Senator only admitted that he had two meetings with the Russian Ambassador, publicly excusing his own lies by maintaining that contacts both weren’t campaigning discussions, even though one meeting was at the RNC in Cleveland. The April contact makes a third undisclosed meeting by Sessions with Ambassador Kislyak.

After then-Republican candidate Donald Trump locked down the GOP nomination in early May against Ted Cruz, the plan described in Steele’s dossier leapt into action.

From the look of events, starting in July, a massive international oil privatization transaction began, and it was concluded in early January, right around the time the Electoral College certified Donald Trump as America’s 45th President.

The April 27th campaign speech at CNFI effectively concluded the due diligence or first phase of the Dossier’s privatization transaction and began a ‘quiet period’ before the pace of events quickened.

The second phase of the transaction began just before the Repub