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I bet you thought I was hanging out in South Beach with LeBron!   Nah,  I’m still here in Ten’s Hood rapping with the old heads at the barber shop and  trying to find a j-o-b!   You see them fat butt,  loin cloth wearing, sweaty ass sumo wrestlers didn’t last long with Sprite either.  Coca-Cola canned they  ass as soon as the demographics changed to the new minority flavor of the month.   I aint mad at em’, I’m just saying, a brother needs to be working too.   Besides, anyway, I really prefer Mountain Dew!

For those of you new to the Block, every now and then I stop in to drop some knowledge on the events of the day …  As Miles Sees It.   My brother Ten,  the “sensitive soul” that he is,  sometimes kinda dances around hot topics with his poems, prose, music and such – but I aint sensitive bout nuthin’!  Except maybe my fro’  – don’t mess with a brother’s fro!

Speaking of hot topics, what’s up with all these damn reality TV shows?   I was channel surfing the other day and came across one  – the Bad Girls Club! talk about a bunch of air headed  hoochie mommas!  It was like watching a train wreck!

If they looking for reality, I GOT reality!  I’ve got some great ideas for a reality show.  What’s up MTV, BET did you loose my number?

Here check this out.

Press PLay

Can ya’ make me a cheese sandwich!!!!!!!!!.

That reminds me, speaking of LOST numbers.  Hey Bron!  Why aint you sent a brother a ticket?  You know this recession is kickin’ a brother ass!  Tell Bosh he looks strange without them dreads.  Huggy Low Down said he looked like a pterodactyl – my bad he was talkin’ about Rondo and the ugliest team in the NBA –  dem’ damn Celtics.

In the meantime in between time, I gotta bounce.  See ya’ next time……

Miles OUT!

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