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Tea Baggers, Don’t Be Hating

What UP Bay-By!

Miles Thirst

Miles Here!

I can’t wait until this damn election is over.  These damn campaign ads on TV are driving me crazy!   All this mud-slinging, back biting and airing  each others dirty laundry!  If you strung em’ all together they’d make a great Jerry Springer episode!  The only thing missing is a couple of trailer park chicks fighting over some skinny dude with more tattoos than good sense and taste in women.

And what’s up with these damn Tea Baggers?  They gotta be rolling their tea up into little joints and smoking it cause drinking tea aint never got anybody acting that crazy.  And the Tea Party candidates, have you ever seen such a freak show?

Then they got folk like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, talking smack about Founding Fathers and wanting to  return to the “good ol’ days” of 1787!

Good ol’ days for who?

As I recall from history class at PS 36,  in 1787 most black folk were slaves, many poor whites were indentured servants, and women didn’t have the right to vote.  When the so-called Founding Fathers were writing the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, my red brothers were being gangstered  for their land, and my brown brothers and sisters living  in the Southwest and the West coast of what was later to become the U. S. of A were  also included in the beat down.

And Beck and the Tea Baggers had the nerve to hold a rally on the Lincoln Memorial on the 47th anniversary of Dr. Kings  “I Have a Dream” speech.  Beck claimed  that his “Faith, Hope and Charity” Rally just coincidentally happened to be on the same day and what he and his Tea Bag buddies where trying to do was “reclaim the civil rights movement.”

Reclaim the civil rights movement!

Talking about talking out the side of your neck!   This is the same guy that said that Martin Luther King was a radical socialist who didn’t deserve a national holiday and called President Obama  a Marxist, communist, and socialist who is taking America down the road to fascism.  He also accused the President of being a racist who hated white folk, and alleged that Obama’s Presidency was like evil gorillas, endangering humankind and compared Obama’s America to “the Planet of the Apes”.

The problem as I see it  is this.

First, them tight ass right-wing conservative aint got a clue as to how to deal  with the real problems of poverty, violence, and one war after another that makes rich folks richer while poor folk get shafted.   Problems caused by fat cat money bags with the help of simple-minded sycophants like Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Baggers.  Their answer is to look backward to other fat cat moneybags like our Founding Fathers for guidance. The Tea Baggers believe that our over hyped Founding Fathers were smarter and more moral than anyone today except for maybe radical right-wingers like Beck and Palin.

Second, they can’t stand the fact that there is a BROTHER in the White House!!!!!  It’s killing em.   It’s like my boy Lebron posting all them “hater” tweets he received after leaving Cleveland!  They just hatin’  and the hate is killing em’.  The Tea Baggers gotta get up everyday and acknowledge the fact that the leader of the free world is a BLACK MAN!   The good ol’ days they wanna return to is the day when a brothers’ place was on the back of the bus!   Their idea of reclaiming the civil rights movement is their right to have “whites only” water fountains and  lunch counters!

Come on now Tea Baggers – put the pipe down!  Step away from the ledge!  The Brothers been in the White House for a while now and FRIED CHICKEN hasn’t replace the bald eagle as our national bird and the national anthem aint George Clinton’s One Nation Under a Groove.   Get over it.  Move on!  Take a chill pill.

Anyway this is what they talking about at the barber shop.  Be sure to get out and vote on election day so we don’t leave the brother hangin’ and give these Tea Baggers and their cronies a chance to turn back the clock.

Hey Bron’ where’s that ticket, I know the season’s opening this week and you guys are gonna be throwin down someplace on the beach after you put a beat down on them  ol’ ass Celtics.   Can a brother get a call.  Yo MTV!  I gotta great idea for a new reality TV show – “Is Sarah Palin Smarter Than a Fifth Grader!

Anyway – I gotta bounce.

Miles OUT!

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