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The Princes and the Vulgar – Part II

As Miles Sees It

As Miles Sees It

What Up BaBay Miles Here!

Just droppin’ by to let you know that I’m finally among the gainfully employed. Yeah that’s right! The brother got a new gig! A new J-O-B!  I’m the  investigative reporter, – the MAN on the street if you will, for UGKM – the You Gotta be Kiddin’ Me Network! That’s right I’m a journalist and my beat is the barbershop and what the ol’ heads on the corner are saying.  And with the mid-term election next week the ol’ heads sho’ nuff got a hell of a lot to say!

As I was going to work on my first assignment it being election time and all – I couldn’t  help but think back to a conversation we had some time ago “Machiavelli Never Lied – The Princess vs The Vulgar.” If you recall Nicky Mac was this Italian dude who was droppin’ knowledge on politics and politicians around 1513.   In his book “The Prince” Nicky Mac talked about kings and rulers and what they needed to do to gain and keep all the bling they made off the little people like you and me.

Now see there you go – I say “little people” and you go into your “signifying monkey”  routine!    I’ve heard it all before  – “you so short you could sit on a dime and swing yo’ legs!”

I know I’m “vertically challenged!”

Anyway, Nick Mac said that politics was all about cause and effect.  You do this … you get that!  And it was just that simple.

The way Nicky Mac saw it, the world was made up of two kinds of folk, each with his own goals.  There was the elite few – the Princes, these cats were the kings or the wanna be kings waiting in the wings plotting to knock off the king if the king showed he was a punk and the there was the rest of us –  the common folk like you and me.  Machiavelli calls us the Objects of Power or the Vulgar.   My man Nicky Mac didn’t have a whole lot of respect for us common folk, not only did he refer to us as the “vulgar” but he said that we were  “cowardly. fickle and easily deceived.”   He said that the Princes could easily rule us by using force and fraud.

If you believe the ol’ heads at the barbershop that’s really what this election is all about.  The Princes vs the Vulgar.  The say that we finally have a Prince who represents the interest of us common folk and through fraud  and deception, the wanna be Princes are doing everything they can to take back their power and keep that bling.

But like Nick Mac said, so many of us common folk are so easily hoodwinked.  You got people out there without health care voting against their own self-interest rather than support universal health care because one of us proposed it.  You got folks like the Tea Baggers, Glen Beck and Sarah Palin talking smack about taking their country back, big government and budget deficits.  Where was all this righteous indignation when “George W” was spending by some accounts $720 million a day on the war in Iraq.   According to this report by the American Friends Service Committee,  with the $500,000 a minute we’re spending to fight our so-called  “war  on terrorism” we could have  paid for  homes for almost 6,500 families or health care for 423,529 children.

That’s right –  I said it!!!!!!!  $500,000 a minute!

If we gonna spend that kinda cash I think I’d rather see it going to keep more police on the streets, and teachers in the classroom.   Instead of givin’ that kinda’ dough to wanna be Princes and their homies like the Halliburton’s and them other Wall Street fat cats,  I’d rather see it going to fix up some the raggedy ass bridges and highways in and around the neighborhoods.

If you listen to the ol’  heads in the barbershop, that’s  really what next Tuesday’s election is all about.  They be askin’ , are we gonna be hoodwinked, bamboozled and misled into handing  over even more of our government to corporations that have been kicking our ass for years  – like the  Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wellpoint insurance, Massey Energy, and Halliburton, the giant oil companies?  Or are we gonna make Nick Mac a liar and be more than just the “object of power” and stop getting played by one Prince or wanna be Prince after another.

There is a really great article “Halliburton and the Upcoming Election” by Robert Reich, the Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and former secretary of labor under President Bill Clinton, that you should read before you go to the polls on Tuesday.   Like the good professor says in the article – “Halliburton won’t be on the ballot on Tuesday – but they might as well be.”

Speaking of  “George W” aint it refreshing to have a president who knows how to pronounce “government!”  I aint said nuthin’ about runnin’ it.  It’s just nice to have a president who can pronounce it!  But that’s another story.

Anyway that’s what they sayin’ at the barbershop –

In the meantime in between time  – This is Miles Thirst coming to you live and in living color for from Nancy’s Clip and Curl!

Miles Out!

Naw baby girl backup!

Put dem clippers down!  You aint touchin’ my fro!

And quit raggin’ on me bout dem Celtics spankin’ my boy LeBron, D-Wade and da Heat the other night.  It’s all good, we got a 80 game season.  We gonna get that ring for the King!

LBJ I’m still waiting on that phone call.  You lost my number or sumthin’?  How you like them honeys down on South Beach?

Snap –  you know you better not answer that on account I know  your girl got you on lock down!  Can’t mess with dem Akron shorties.  They know stuff!   You come home and find your ride sitting on 4 flat tires and yo’ windows busted out!

Hey Bron call me !  That new Nike commercial is da bomb!  Accept I shudda been in it!

I bet Barkley asked you to save him some of them donuts with his chocolate Pillsbury Dough Boy looking self!

Can a brother get a  interview?

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