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The Devolution of the Party of Lincoln and the Rise of Donald Trump - Part III

The Devolution of the Party of Lincoln and the Rise of Donald Trump – Part III

By Tenthltr2u | RadioActive1 WBOB | May 28, 2024

In previous articles, one posted prior to the 2016 election and the other about two years into his administration, we dared to compare then candidate Donald Trump to the infamous monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Little did we know that while Trump may have been brought to life by a political party, he would quickly transform that party into something far more disturbing than a mere fictional creation. While we intended the analogy to be purely fictional, the reality is Trump has managed to surpass all expectations and turn the very political party that birthed him into something even more ominous and threatening to our democracy.

Rather than the villagers storming the gates of the castle to destroy the monster, we now find ourselves in a bizarre scenario where many of these villagers have inexplicably rallied behind him, eager to tear down the foundations of our democracy. It's as if they have become blind to the dangers of their own creation, willingly ignoring the havoc that their chosen leader has wreaked on our political landscape.

But how did we get here, how did the GOP go from the party of Lincoln to the party of Donald Trump?

As we wrote in our previous articles, the Republican Party, once hailed as the party of Abraham Lincoln, has undergone a complete devolution in the past 6 decades. Instead of striving for progress and equality, they have shamelessly embraced and exploited the fears of the electorate.

Enter the Southern strategy. The Southern strategy, subtly employed by the GOP in the 1960s, serves as a textbook example of political manipulation of our electoral process by exploiting racial polarization to win elections.

In the wake of the civil rights movement and the dismantling of Jim Crow laws during the 1950s and 1960s, the Southern United States experienced a visible deepening of existing racial tensions. As a result, Republican politicians like presidential candidate Richard Nixon and Senator Barry Goldwater devised strategies that effectively contributed to the political realignment of many white, conservative voters in the region, who had traditionally supported the Democratic Party. These strategies also played a significant role in pushing the Republican Party further to the right, relative to the 1950s.

It became increasingly apparent that winning the South carried substantial electoral weight. By capturing support from this region alone, a presidential candidate could secure the presidency with minimal backing from elsewhere. Recognizing this, political strategists seized the opportunity, focusing their efforts on appealing to racially conservative white voters who felt disillusioned or threatened by the civil rights movement.

This political realignment also had a profound impact on the ideological direction of the Republican Party. As the party gained traction in the South, it became more beholden to the values and attitudes held by its newfound conservative base. The party's shift to the right reflected the changing demographics and priorities of its Southern supporters.

While these strategies proved successful for the Republican Party in the short term, they had long-lasting consequences for the nation as a whole. By appealing to racially charged sentiments and actively opposing civil rights legislation, these tactics further divided the country along racial lines and perpetuated the existing racial tensions.

As we examine the political landscape of the South during this time, it is crucial to recognize the significant impact of these strategies. Republican politicians leveraged racial tensions and designed politically savvy messages to reshape the political allegiance of an entire region. The consequences of these actions continue to resonate today, as the legacy of this political realignment persists in our contemporary political discourse and has given rise to a three-time impeached, indicted on 88 felony counts, reality TV star as the keeper of our democracy.

Under the leadership of Trump, a man with such a deep understanding of nuance and diplomacy, the Republican Party has truly hit its stride. With his uncanny ability to amplify and exploit the anxieties of the American people, Trump has brought their transformation to its pinnacle.

One would think that the events of the recent past, including enlisting the aid of a foreign adversary (Vladimir Putin) to influence the 2016 election, the storming of the Capitol and the relentless spread of false information, would be enough to disprove any notion of Trump as a savior. But alas, we have found ourselves in a world where truth is subjective, and loyalty is blindly bestowed upon a man who has repeatedly shown a complete lack of regard for the principles that this great nation was built upon.

It is a disheartening sight to see a once-proud political party transform into a mere vessel for Trump's dangerous agenda. The very ideals that they once championed – limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty – have been overshadowed by the relentless pursuit of power, and Trump's iron grip on their collective conscience.

Perhaps it is an unfortunate consequence of the cult of personality that has developed around Trump, where facts and reason are no longer the currency of political discourse. Instead, blind loyalty and unwavering support have become the guiding principles, leaving little room for dissent or critical thinking.

As freedom loving Americans, it is our duty to shine a light on these disturbing developments, to question authority, and to hold those in power accountable regardless of their political affiliation. The transformation of a political party into a force that threatens the very foundations of our democracy cannot and should not be ignored. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye or dismiss this as mere political theater.

But let's not forget our initial comparison to a monster. Like Dr. Frankenstein, the party itself created this monstrous figure, breathing life into his campaign and allowing him to seize control. And with each passing day, the Republican Party has come to embody the very essence of that monstrous creation.

The time has come for the villagers to wake up from their mesmerized state, to see the monster for what it truly is, and to reclaim the values that define our nation. Our democracy hangs in the balance, and it is up to us to ensure that it survives this tumultuous chapter in our history.

So, as we witness the rise of Donald Trump and the devolution of the Party of Lincoln, it becomes clear that the GOP has traded principles for power, righteousness for fear, and progress for exploitation. The monster they have created may have escaped its creator's control, but it is now up to the American electorate to decide the fate of this unholy alliance. The question remains: Will they continue to enable the party's descent into darkness, or can they summon the courage to break free from the clutches of this political abomination?


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