Why Can’t Fox News Dent Obama’s Approval Rating?

January 06, 2011 9:02 am ET by Eric Boehlert


The new year got off to a dark, dismal start for Fox News staffers when on Monday, Gallup posted its latest polling results regarding Obama’s job rating: He hit it the 50 percent approval mark, having climbed nine points from a low in late October. It was the first time Obama had reached the symbolic half-century mark since late May 2010, and I’m guessing folks at Fox News were not happy.

And there was more bad news for Fox this week. Another poll, this one from Opinion Research, found that nearly two-thirds of Americans hope Obama succeeds this year, while 73 percent “approve” of Obama as a person.

So why the sad faces at Fox News? Because it’s the job of Rupert Murdoch’s cable channel to make sure Obama fails. Fox News, along with the larger, unreliable GOP Noise Machine, remains dedicated to undermining and destroying Obama’s presidency. Not to hold Obama accountable or challenge his polices, but to destroy his presidency. Fox News’ entire corporate mission is to be an anchor around Obama’s neck and to drive his approval numbers into the 30s.

And right now, Fox News is losing. Despite its Herculean efforts, Fox News over the last year has been unable to move the needle on Obama’s Gallup rating:

-Jan. 2, 2010: 51 percent

-June 2, 2010: 49 percent